Tuscany, Italy
Wine Dispensers

A plug-and-play system, the only requirement is an electrical plug.

The simplicity of installation and management make diWine system unique. No special site arrangement or installation is required nor is there any external link, and the gas cylinder is straight on board, for a simple and quick replacement. The new, patented project criteria of diWine system make it easy to manage and reliable to use, therefore also minimizing the need of technical assistance.

Why renounce the pleasure of a glass of excellent wine ?

A sensorial and cultural experience at any time. The nitrogen systems use a simple, tested and efficient principle.

Normally used by the wine makers, this ensures the perfect preservation of the wine in the opened bottle for about one month after it is uncorked, reducing the oxidation of the wine due to contact with the air.

The market is changing
the wine-by-the-glass trend is revolutionizing the consumer’s customs both on the customer and on the dealer side; diWine follows this process, simplifies it and speeds up its evolution.

A unique sensation
diWine makes possible the approach to a huge number of labels, therefore enjoying the discovery of products often not so easy to be experienced, in a pleasant sensorial and cultural experience.

The customer
has the chance to taste different wines per meal, or different wines for each course, or even only one single, but top-quality, glass of wine. In any circumstance a lovely experience.

The dealer
has the chance to offer a unique range, both in quality and volume, of wines by the glass, thus increasing their consumption and diffusion without waste or over pouring.

A cost-effective investment
a different way to personalize your site, to furthermore increase the clientele, an efficient turnover of the stock, a short term return of the investment.