Alessandria, Piedmont

The Pasticceria Giraudi was first founded in 1907 with the opening of a mill and bakery in Piedmont, at the Northwest of Italy. Piedmont has a very long sweet-making tradition since the first Italian chocolate workshop opened in the 6th century, and is being regarded as the best hazelnut producing region in the world.

It is currently run by the 3rd generation of the family, Giacomo Boidi. To him chocolate is a celebration of senses. The artisan never stops exploring new ways to enchant his customers by creating chocolate in various forms, textures and flavours with high quality ingredients; yet productions are still conducted with traditional methods.

They prepare the well-known delicacies following typical Piedmontese recipes: from world famous chocolate “Gianduja” (a sweet, creamy chocolate with 40% of Piedmonte IGP hazelnut content) to “Baciut” (Lady’s Kisses, a century old sweet made with chocolate paste and nutty biscuit); from various chocolate bars, pearls and pralines to the unique spread “Giacometta”, which dedicated to Gianduja’s wife, the “loving mother of Giandujotti chocolates”. This cream owes its exceptional quality to very high percentage of Piedmont hazelnuts used in its production (32%) and a careful balance between various ingredients.