Cutigliano, Tuscany

The history of Sapori del Lago Nero begins with a small artisanal bakery in a village among Tuscan mountains, set up by the grandfather of the current owner Gabriele Sichi in the begining of the 20th century.  They have always followed the ancient knowledge and principles for producing the best traditional homemade biscuits and sweets.

Production is still carried out by hand nowadays at a village 900 meters above sea level. Apart from the insistence on hight quality ingridients, the well preserved natural environment granted them clean air and pure spring water of producing the most genuine products.

Their key products include some of the most traditional Tuscan biscuits and sweets. The most famous of all is Cantucci, or some known as Biscotti, a twice-baked biscuit best served with typical Tuscan dessert wine Vin Santo or coffee.