Sardinia, Santadi

The winery is located in the Sulcis area, in South-western Sardinia, close to the white sand dunes of Porto Pino. The Sulcis is characterized by white coasts consisting of rich limestone bastions of coves. It is mild in spring, autumn and winter, but warm and dry in summer. Santadi now counts 500 hectares of prime, gently rolling land reaching out to the sea. Thanks to the sandy nature of the soil, pre-Phylloxera rootstock can survive.

The winery is a cooperative founded in 1960. Today it has about 230 members with a capacity of about 600 hectares under vine. To maintain the quality of wines, it has been paying its members for the grapes according to their qualitative value. Over the last 25 years, growers have been motivated to produce grapes of improved quality, resulting in great wines such as the Terre Brune now positioned in the highest level of Italian wines.

The winery has a strong focus on promoting the traditional grape varietals of the region such as Carignano, Vermentino, Nuragus and Nasco. Santadi uses stainless steel vats without completely abandoning the traditional concrete tanks, which allow a good maintenance of the red during the period of evolution.  In addition, the absence of filtration, combined with the use of French oak barriques, results in wines notable for their intense aromas, complex structure, rich taste and balance between fruit and wood. Winemaking technique and wine selection have been further enhanced with the consultancy of international wine expert Giacomo Tachis, who led Santadi to a more careful selection of grapes in the vineyard and a great attention to winemaking processes.