Tuscany, Cortona
Tenimenti d'Alessandro

The winery is located in the area of Manzano near the picturesque town of Cortona that overlooks the Val di Chiana. Historically, Manzano is known as the centre of one of the most important agricultural concerns in the Val di Chiana, owned first by the noble Diligenti family (members of the first parliament formed after the Unification of Italy) and from the early 20th century by the Magi family. 

The owner, Massimo d’Alessandro, is a project designer who teaches design at the La Sapienza University of Rome as well as the founder of a well known avant-garde art gallery in Rome in the 1970s. Today, the winemaking is overseen by Luca Currado, the proprietor of Vietti in Castiglione Falletto in Piemonte and Christine Vernay from the Rhone Valley in France. 

The choice of Syrah was the result of scrupulous field research by Attilio Scienza of the University of Milan aimed at identifying a vine that reflects the characteristics of the area. After four years of studying the stratigraphy of the various terrains, the climate and microvinification, it was found that Cortona, an area frequently subject to droughts, is a unique appellation suitable to the planting of Syrah.

Tenimenti d'Alessandro has won a number of accolades, including Gambero 2011 Rosso Tre Bicchieri award. The winery's top-of-the-range wine Il Bosco is now considered a benchmark for Italian Syrahs. The wine is obtained from 100% Syrah grapes from over 40 hectares of hillside vineyards belonging to the vinery. The success of this wine inspired many important producers to go down the same road. For example, Antinori bought land in the Cortona area and planted almost 100 hectares of Syrah. Considered as a whole, the hectares of Syrah planted in this area make up the largest concentration of this vine in Italy.