Il Pollenza

Pollenza wines are produced on a gorgeous estate that boasts a medieval tower and Renaissance villa designed by the famous architect Sangallo.  Many gret men, such as the poet Leopardi and the composer Rossini have been inspired by these picturesque vistas, vibrant colors and fragrant wildfloers.

The Counts Brachetti-Peretti acquired this large property from Princess Antici Mattei over twenty years ago.  The family traces its roots back to the 13th century and has been linked for centuries to the even more illustrious Marca family, who counts among its ancestors two 19th-century canonized popes, S.S. Pius VIII Castiglioni and S.S. Pius IX Mastai Ferretti.  Although the principal family business is oil refining and distribution, Count Also Maria Brachetti-Peretii's true passion for winemaking led him to transform part of the land into vineyards.

The state-of-the-art wine cellar is widely appreciated for the way it harmonizes with local architecture.  Here execellent wines are produced in limited quantities.  In the past, these wines received close attention fo Giacomo Tachis, an internationally renowned wine expert who was responsible for a number of important Italian wines such as Sassicaia.  Sine Tachis's retirement, the wines are now under the special care of the award-winning oenologist, Carlo Ferrini, and his highly qualified team of associates.

Pollenza's vineyards spread over an area of 60 hectares near the town of Tolentino.  There are alluvial soils in mixed composition of limestone, pebbles and clay.  They are south-east facing and located around 250 to 300 meteres above see level.  Production is limited to 90,000 bottles of red and white wine products a year.