Piedmont, Diano d'Alba

The winery is located at the centre of Diano d’Alba, which sits at 500 metres above sea level on one of the hills in the territory. The town has Roman origins and takes its name from the God of the Hunt, Diana, and became famous during the medieval times for its magnificent castle.

Alba, the Tanaro valley and the amphitheatre of the Barolo region are framed with the Alps. The area’s microclimate particularly lends itself to great wine production. Those produced in the area include Barolo, Nebbiolo and Diano d’Alba.

The region’s terrain and special climate allow the Dolcetto vine to produce wines that have great structure, intense fruity notes, a pleasant full bodied and persistent character, so much so that it was decided to differentiate it from other Dolcetto’s by calling it Diano d’Alba.

Within Diano d’Alba’s territory, the vineyards of exceptionally high quality have been classified as “Sori”, an expression in Piedmontese dialect means “sun-soaked”. The Casavecchia estate has a long history of “Sori” winemaking.

The farmhouse situated in the historical centre dates back to 1700 and was built using Langa stones and traditional bricks. The production of Casavecchia is carried out over an area of approximately 10 hectares. In the cellar, the Diano d’Alba matures in cement or steel tanks, and the Nebbiolo, Barbera and Barolo evolve in oak casks of different sizes.